Sunday, May 8, 2016

"The great art is to be art-less."

The late Father John Hardon, SJ called Our Lady of Fatima the example for catechists to follow, for she is the Catechist. When I turn to Our Lady for help I can not help but approach her as Mother, Teacher, and Catechist. The three roles for the Christian mother are inseparable. In them we find the essence of the heavenly call of Holy Motherhood...the heart. 

Our hearts, like in today's Gospel, desire what Christ prayed to the Father, that we may be one in Him and in the Father. And isn't this the desire of catechists, too? For all to be one in God? But how often we are faced with trials of moving another to accept the fullness of Christ and His Church. Whether it is a child, a teen, a husband, a friend, a parent, the following quote from St. Francis de Sales instructs us all who desire Christ's prayer of union. But for the catechists and mothers how true the following words ring:

"Quite simply by speaking with feeling and devotion, candidly and trustfully, by really being in love with the doctrine we are teaching and trying to get people to accept. The great art is to be art-less. The kindling power of our words must not come from outward demonstration but from within, not from the mouth but straight from the heart. Try as hard as you like but in the end only the language of the heart can reach another heart, while the sound of the tongue does not get past your listener's ear."  -from St. Francis de Sales, Selected Letters, translated with an Introduction by Elizabeth Stopp, London and New York, 1960, p. 22. Print.

Does anyone else see the gold in this advice? First, to fall in love with the doctrine of Christ passed to us in His Church; next to speak from the heart. All else is creating an environment to open hearts and unleash our own. 

God bless you!
Happy Mother's Day

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