Saturday, October 24, 2015

Mediatrix of All Grace

"Please, Lord, you have given me so many graces...please give them to my son so he can do so much more with them." Could Mary have had a similar prayer?  

We all want our children to be better versions of us. We can see it in their talents and manners, but what about in grace? A mother wants to be able to share all the riches God gave her with her children. She wants them to do better. Spiritually, a mom does not want the good God has given her to be fruitless causing His graces to end with her. Rather she desires His graces to continue through her children, for God's glory and their benefit. She wants her children to be given more graces then she had receieved so they may do better things in this life than she. But that is a sinful mom's desire. How much more perfect was Our Blessed Mother's?

Mother Mary must have desired to share all God gave her so deeply that He granted her desire and made her the channel of all His grace. Since she is "full of grace," sharing God's infinite grace is her pleasure and privilege. Maybe she prayed, "That they all have Your grace." Her love of Him must have been so deep and penetrating that she wanted all God's children to share in it. Not only did God give her this honor, but He founded the Church which contains is the signs of grace so more "children" may receive His Grace and continually increase in it.

Thank you, Mary, for the prayer you did pray for all of us. Continue to pray that we do not squander God's grace, but that each of us treasures it and shares it. Amen.

Thank you, Lord, for Holy Mother Church and all the moments of grace she so kindly protects and sheds upon Your children. Amen.

Monday, October 19, 2015

humble thanks

I presume most parents at one point realize that the children they have been given by God are ....well, so much better than they deserve to have. Tonight is such a night for me. I am moved to countless tears in realizing the children I have are beyond what I could have ever worked to raise. 

So, I write this post to express gratitude to God for His mercy on my husband and I in giving such beautiful, humble gifts and graces to our children. He looked beyond our failings and gave them blessings without measure. May we be holy servants of such children; and may they always in turn serve You, Our Creator, realizing one day Your Love and Goodness to them.