Tuesday, February 24, 2015

Keep Persevering

At the Eighth Station the women are given their mission. It requires of them to persevere in adversity and continue to seek Christ in their lives. In doing so we shepherd our children toward Him. But what if we try and we seem to be getting no where? No closer to Him?

Well, one piece of advice I read this morning in a book I am slowly reading. It is called The Spiritual Combat by Dom Lorenzo Scupoli. It is published by TAN boks. The author points out on page 12 for us to remember that Jesus does not stop searching for the lost sheep. This is the sheep that does not seek Him, yet Christ will not give up on it. The author points out how desirous Christ is to "communicate Himself to us and heap continual blessings on us."  Therefore, those of us already searching for Him and already opening the door to Him, would not Christ "finding the door open, and hearing us beg to be honored by His presence," do anything but grant us our request!?" 

So, let us persevere in seeking Christ in all the aspects of our lives; for He is already seeking us and desires to shower continual blessings on each of us. He will not ignre those who seek Him. Do not dispair. You are His treasure. Seek Him and trust He is with you already.

God bless your Lent.

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