Sunday, August 31, 2014

How can I express how REAL He is?

How can the work of God in the Catholic Church's Sacrements be described? To what can compare His action?

It is the difference between being told your broken arm will heal, and the physician actually mending it.
It is the difference between giving money to the poor, and the actually feeding the food to them.
It is the difference between saying you are sorry and being forgiven, versus being embraced with friendship restored.

There is no other Christian Church on this earth that actually carries in it the ACTUAL action of God in its fullness than the Catholic Church. When a Catholic goes to confession, he is not just listing the sins he is aware of, but he is REALLY mended by God, fed His strength of grace, and embraced with joy and love. A REAL interior healing takes place that forges the way to be able to strive harder to live His Way, in spite of our failings and brokenness. When a Catholic then goes to Holy Communion, he finds himself being fed Christ, consuming Him, and being restored. A restoration takes place that our soul needs, but is found in no other place on earth. Yes, there is the potential meeting of God with any person, in any place, and in any time, but no where so pristine, so eloquent, so sublime, and so consistently, so REAL as in the Eucharist. 

Why should you stay away? What keeps you away? Realize this: He heals if you desire and seek; if you seek to meet Him, go to the Sacraments, frequently. Be restored and Believe I like never before.

If we have desire, we cannot stay away, for He is the reason of our desire to be holy, and the source of that holiness. 

Dear Women of Christ and your loved ones,
            He stops to console us on the Way of the Cross, let Him heal you, too. Amen.

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