Tuesday, July 22, 2014

Hope for Peace

              "To live with Jesus is an endless hope; to live without Him...a hopeless end." -anonymous

Hello, it sure has been some time. I got a-little off track, but by God's grace I have hope to get back on again. And what a great day to recommit to Christ than on the Feast of St. Mary Magdalene! She must have understood what the above quote meant from the bottom of her heart. So much so, she literally clung to Jesus when he revealed Himself to her outside the tomb. She knew she needed Him more than anything. She must have been confused when He had to do the Will of the Father and leave her sight, but I am sure the Holy Spirit taught her the meaning of Christ's words, "Whoever does the will of my Father is my brother and sister and mother." To live so close to Him just by doing His will!? To be family, not just friend!? 

With her we are asked to learn that all things are nothing compared to Christ and to live with Him, so He is literally with us, can happen in our daily lives. She knew it meant only to live His Way, day after day. How Brilliant! How Simple! And NOT impossible for us, but yes, difficult. But we are not alone in it. God's grace is always helping and showing us how. Sure, it can be humanly painful to change our lives, our priorities, and attitudes in order to follow His Way, yet when we do (day after day) the peace given is "not of this world." Mary Magdalene most certainly knew the mocking and advancements that came even after she committed to follow Christ, even after she gave up her previous living in order to learn the Way to live right. She shows us that no matter the sorrow or sin in our lives, no matter the hopes we have had broken, and no matter the earthly enjoyments we experience....no sin or sadness is too great to be removed by God's mercy; and no human joy so deep as to be compared to the peaceful joy of Living the Will of the Father and becoming the "sister and mother" of Christ with Him and to everyone we meet. How many women she must have comforted and given hope to in her travels beside Christ! And how many she models a holy life for today.

Here is part of a silent prayer offered for us to use right before receiving Holy Communion: "And like St. Mary's Magdalene, may I be delivered from all my evils and embrace Thee, my only Good." 

Mary Magdalene knew how worthwhile the confessions, efforts and sacrifices were in order to put her life back on track with Christ and to become His, whole and entire. I encourage you and myself to persevere in following her example and receive the same peace of Christ. May she pray for us. And if you found this post uplifting, please share it with someone who needs to hear it today. Thank you.

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