Saturday, February 22, 2014

What colors!

Today's calm morning air has the inviting sense of spring immersed through it. As I was driving, the early sky showed hues of rose and pearl and baby blue laid out gently. "Lord, you put such beautiful colors into nature. I love you so much, You are so wise."

Even the iceless parking lot brought a prayer of joy! But as I entered the Church for morning Mass, a very different, distinct enveloping silent joy was present. Everyone was motionless and seemed to be absorbed in Christ's caressing love. The peaceful landscape of people before Our Lord revealed He had each person held intimately, knowingly or unknowingly, by Himself. It gave me a peaceful joy and desire to be part of the community that is not given by any of natures pristine gifts to the senses. This delight proceeds from the soul, not the senses. What joy! For the inner room of the Church this morning revealed that God does not leave anyone who seeks Him untouched by His blanket of grace.

Today is the feast of the Chair of Saint Peter. The position which Jesus, under the Father's direction, set up to be a sign and unifying character of His True Church. In His wisdom He knew we would need a guide and protector of the precious gifts that lay tangible only through His Church. There are many Christians that live wonderful lives! striving to do right; but the Catholic Church presents, through Christ what no other church can. She gives the means for God to Color our Souls, refreshing our bodies and minds from within. No where else on earth is this found. Hence, the reason we each need the Church.

Remember every time we visit the Sacraments of the Church, Christ brings springtime to our cold souls. He melts away the ice that hardens our hearts, He gives fresh air to the busy mind, and this meeting between our souls and His creates a palette for God to color our lives from within. This inner meeting fashions the soul so it may live fully here, then forever.

We are blessed. The Catholic Church is the only means on earth for the souls of human beings to be free from their "winter." Only She preserves the means for our souls to be blanketed in grace and brushed by the Painter with the Color of True Life. May more Christians discover where their souls are fed, and may we live the Sacraments with gratitude and fruitfulness.

Praise God, His mercy endures forever.

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