Tuesday, December 31, 2013

To those who say, "I can go right to Jesus."

 The mystery of the role of Mary in redemption is not easily understood by any of us. But one fact is certain, Jesus is our brother and to be a brother we would share a mother...and what mother does not know her son?! 
You and I do not live in a separated realm where it is Jesus and you, or Jesus and me. If that was the case, Jesus would not have chose to have a mother, he would have just appeared. But no, Wisdom saw different. He saw that we are called into a family when we enter into living for God's will. And that family is not lacking in its siblings nor parentage. We go to God, never by ourselves, always with each other, for each other, and through each other. And by others, I mean those that are already sharing the beatific vision in Heaven. We are united by Christ and in Him we are One. Together we make up His body and contribute our part.....Mary's part did not finish at the birth, nor at His ministry, nor at His Suffering or Death, nor when she was taken at her time from earth. Her role continues for all Gods children. And so will our roles continue when we pass on. 

As mothers, we cannot neglect the pivotal role of the Best Mother...Mary. See, Jesus is more than love, He is real, alive, and with us, hopefully in us...and where He is, He honors His mother and she cares for His own "who know Him." As you know and all mothers know...we never cease to care for our children even in our death. So, next time you reflect on baptism know for certain not only has the child become a child of God, but it has become our brother or sister, Jesus has become it's brother, and all that belongs to Christ he shares with the child: The trusts of all His work! And even His Mother Mary! Therefore, we are not wrong in calling her mother, because Jesus in us calls her such.

Recall this too: if you read Lukes account of the angel Gabriel announcing to Mary the coming birth of Jesus. She asks how this will be. He tells her the power of the Holy Spirit will overshadow her and she will conceive and bear a Son...God with us.  Look close at these words because in it you will see that the Holy Spirit is now Mary's Spouse. Still today He flies to wherever and whomever honors her to work in building up Christ is each of us. Mary's example of complete humility to allow God to transform her life so mankind could be saved is her example to us...allow God to work and you will 
witness Christ with you indeed. 

You don't just go to Jesus. Actually, We do not GO to Him. He has come and continues to come to us...and he chose to come to us through Mary and the work of the Holy Spirit. A mystery indeed! The 
absolute Truth revealed for 2000 years. You and I are family, not only because We have Jesus in common, but because He chose to be born of Woman, Mary, the Mother of God.

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