Wednesday, November 20, 2013


It is remarkable! What you ask? True freedom. True freedom is remarkable.

This past summer my husband and I decided to homeschool two of our children. We came to a fork  in the road that offered options to follow. I read a blog recently where a mom perfectly portrayed the decision to homeschool as just that, a fork in the road where one way looked like "the road less traveled," the other much like what everyone else is troding. After choosing and traveling the one less trodden, it became evident to us that this is the road to BE traveled. The peacefulness, the time well spent, the sharing, the blessings, the working with God in tangible ways to pass on knowledge and love to our children each contribute to them overwhelming reassurance that this  is the way for Christian families, particularly. True freedom is experienced, even with the crazy days, the dirty dishes left til morning, the many adventures that now can and are being had...all of it in the midst of true freedom.

I would not trade this decision for any thing. God bless our family, and all homeschooling families. Bless us all so we may continue this work of passing on truth and love of your world without the pressure and confinement of regulations and unnecessary stress on them. Keep our children opening up to you and each other with increasing confidence and freedom of mind. Thank you for this opportunity to share in this act with You. Amen.

Blessed Mother, please bring more families to the conclusion to homeschool their children. Bless them with the desire and ability to do so, and make their paths straight toward The Lord. Also, reform our Catholic school systems so all children may have access to an education that frees the whole being from worldliness and secularism. Amen.

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