Saturday, August 31, 2013


I apologize for not writing. Summer took on some changes that required my attention. Which they still do now, but I am feeling a bit caught up tonight with duties and decided to share some thoughts triggered by a wonderful homily I heard today.

This morning's homily was preached by a deacon who will be ordained to the priesthood in the future, God willing. He had good insights to the Gospel and spoke well. I hope to summarize what spoke to me in the Gospel due to his homily and apologize if I get it incorrect. However, it will change the way I understand today's Gospel forever.

Today's Gospel can be found here, it is one we have heard frequently. The deacon explained it in a unfamiliar way (at least to me.) Paraphrasing him, what I got was this:

We are use to it being acceptable to "maintain" ourselves, our cars, our homes in order to keep them running just fine. Christ says however that to "maintain" the gifts given us (I take this to include not only our human gifts, but also the gift of our lives, and the gift of having a soul)...just to maintain the gifts given to us is not acceptable to enter the Kingdom of God. We need to use them, no matter how small they are, or how hidden from the world view, and not keep them to ourselves or protected for fear of loosing them (or our self). We are to use them without fear, for God has entrusted them to us and He will multiply them IF we utilize them. We should not be content with just self preservation. We should want to and strive to do the best with what we have. Even if that best is very small in the scheme of the world's eyes, and our eyes. What matters is what God sees.

The deacon reminded us too that the Blessed Mother is the greatest example of this way of life; humble and hidden, yet faithful in small matters to the greatest degree.  Her faithfulness ushered in the Son whose Passion, Death, and Resurrection made it possible for each of us to find and follow God, here and for eternity.

Blessed Mother pray for us!
Lord, make up for what is lacking in me! Amen.

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