Saturday, May 25, 2013

Someone has to say yes first!

I can imagine the generations of Isralites and the unknown people's all around the world struggling with plight leading up to the time when Mary and Joseph wer to be wed. All the deep yearning from somewhere within humanity to a God they did not know. At the pivital point of time, all of humanity must have been aching with desire to be free....when the angel Gabriel was sent to Mary that day in Nazareth. And all of angels paused a moment....

The Woman said, "I am the handmaid of The Lord, let it be done unto me according to your word."
And the Word became Flesh. Salvation had been accepted on behalf of humanity by a woman.
A lowly, silent woman.

This moment is a sign of the importance for women to say "yes" to God. Not only is it humanly important, but it it is spiritually significant.

If mothers do not accept God into the home....who will? The power of grace that is ushered into our homes when we submit to God's will is indescribable! And when we join ourselves to the Blessed Mother, we join in the same moment when she said yes to God. So our yes becomes salvific.

Look at our world! What is wrong? We are blind if we think it is not influencing our children and families. Lies, deceit, cheating, impurity...and worse thing is, no one is calling wrong wrong! We are the hope of our children. We must teach them right first by saying yes to God ourselves. Just like when Gabriel came to Mary to bear the Son of God, all of heaven asks us mothers what do we say? 

Blessed are you women, for from you God creates souls for eternity. 
Blessed are you women for you have the hands and heart of God for nurturing his children.
Blessed are you women for you have power in your very Yes to God's will. 
Blessed are you women for you can give humanity what it needs to be healed! 

Your children need you to live a holy life and teach them about God's love and life. They need you to pray. They need you to speak about God to them and read and pray with them. To put aside all your activities and distractions and listen to them and tenderly love them. They need you to say, "Yes"

The world needs us to say Yes to God.
And live more fully

Mary, pray for us.

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