Thursday, May 2, 2013

Running? Or at rest?

 Don't be like wild horses who were left go and are always running. Instead be like a tamed one who finds peace in the hands of its gentle owner and freely follows his commands by choice.

Life is a series of running from and choosing to go toward. Simultaneously we run from our fears and we each are being taught to go toward peace and love. Now whether or not we allow ourselves to learn to make these choices is another matter. But we are each called to seek the peace that gives life and purpose. And the sole dispenser of this peace and real love is God. He entices us in a multiple of ways. But the One and true way He has made visible for us to be more comfortable in coming to Him is by giving us His Son. Not only that, but He had His Son make up for the causes that keep us from seeing and following His ways! So not only did he give us the essence of the peace, but he routed the way so we could go to Him!

So why do so many people keep not finding Him and the peace he gives? First off, it is not a one time catch. It takes a life time, which is a gift to us as well. But so many people have not found him for reasons I do not know, but I think it has to do with three main ones: they do not choose to look His way; they are stuck in their fears and are so preoccupied with those fears that they are blind to Him; and they do not know where to look because they lack True guidance, instead they get advised by others who are blind, therefore they go in circles. I think these last have heard and possibly seen the True direction, but have disregarded it as absurd and have humanly reasoned it away as impossible and ridiculous.

Now God can pull us in from anywhere, but he wants us to choose to come toward him. So He will do what he does, which is always perfectly wise, for our best interest in hopes to get out attention so we each turn to him and gaze on him for the strength we need; to become fully what we are made to be...children of God. In this we find purpose and peace and love and the way to follow.

The direction? Mapquest cannot give it to you, but I am writing what 2000+ years of people's lives witness. The direction is through the Catholic Church. It is the Church where you will only find God, living and breathing and beckoning you to come to Him. The answer is Jesus Christ, who is found Body, Blood, Soul and Divinity in the Holy Eucharist. That means God himself.

So, if you have not found this to be true yet, you will think I am being limiting, ridiculous, brainwashed, or perhaps just one of those "holy rollers." I forgive you. See, I was there once too. And I was on the run and blind, then came to a halt in my life and saw clearly that this God has given us the answer to all our anxieties and fears and confusions...and there can only be one answer because there is only one God...the answer is Jesus in the Blessed Sacrament upon the altars of all the Catholic Churches throughout the world. Even if you are in this Church, have you found Him?

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