Wednesday, May 8, 2013

"Mother Julian" sonnet

Saint Julian of Norwich's feast is today. We read a little about her last night in prayers. She was a British mystic.  From an early age she suffered much. Here is a sonnet asking her for guidance in wisdom and in love. If you read it as if your children are asking you to teach them, it puts on a brand new perspective for us each to meditate on what our role as mothers in teaching our children the love of God. Revelations of Divine Love  is a writing of hers. Here is an explanation of the book, I have never read it, but it sounds very enlightening.
"Considered one of the first books ever written by a woman in the English language, Revelations of Divine Love, by British mystic JULIAN OF NORWICH (1342-1416), continues to be an inspiration to spiritual seekers everywhere. During a period of illness, Julian witnessed sixteen visions of Christ that changed her life. She recorded these visions and spent many years working out their theological implications. Among her revelations were the comprehension of the Trinity, the conquering of the Fiend by the Passion, and the painless glory of Heaven. She believed in universal salvation and is often remembered for being an optimist during a time when many believed that God was punishing mankind. Julian is essential reading for anyone seeking to renew or spark their Christian faith."

Now here is the sonnet to her:

Mother Julian

Show me O anchoress, your anchor-hold
Deep in the love of God, and hold me fast.
Show me again in whose hands we are held,
Speak to me from your window in the past,
Tell me again the tale of Love’s compassion
For all of us who fall onto the mire,
How he is wounded with us, how his passion
Quickens the love that haunted our desire.
Show me again the wonder of at-one-ment
Of Christ-in-us distinct and yet the same,
Who makes, and loves, and keeps us in each moment,
And looks on us with pity not with blame.
Keep telling me, for all my faith may waver,
Love is his meaning, only love, forever.

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