Sunday, May 19, 2013

How to encourage and not point blame


By a man I think called Wilson?

I had a unique encounter with some very kind and active leaders in our community. I learned something very important in that meeting that I took and have begun to implement in practicing charity when giving my opinion. Being mothers of deep conviction, I know we can all use this formula when approaching teachers, or priests, or other people we want to share our opinion with. I hope this helps, it is very simple.

I am sorry I do not remember the man's name that dubbed the Three R's formula for evaluating, but I will call him Mr. Wilson. Okay, Mr. Wilson says when we go to evaluate someone and we have thought it through....we must first state to them what they are doing RIGHT. Next we may RECOMMEND what you see or wish for. And lastly, you state to them what you will REMEMBER about what they have done. How has it positively influenced you, or what you will take way from it for use in your life.

These simple reminders can go a long way in contributing charitably in our home and communities. Moms have got to be some of the most opinionated groups of people, this can be good or not so good, but with Three Rs maybe we can better positively influence others.

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