Thursday, May 30, 2013

Calling out. For what?

Jesus asked the blind man in today's Gospel, what do you want from me? 
Out of the darkness the Blind man answered,"I want to see." 

I sit here trying to get to my desk work for today and I cannot help but attempt to reach out to more women. I have a heavy heart today. From government fiascoes, to Catholic education, and personal limitations, blindness seems to be a common denominator of it all.  What is odd is I am not sure if it is a chosen blindness, or an ignorant one? I am not sure which is worse. But I beg God to help me and you to see and humbly follow His Will.

Christ asked the blind man yesteryear and all of us today, "what do we want me to do for you?" Here we have the Creator of All Things asking what He can do for us! We could ask for anything really. But if you had one chance to ask Him, what would you say?And how far will you go to seek His gift? Like the blind man, will you ignore the onlookers comments and seek out Christ?

If I am willing to challenge you, I need to be willing to challenge myself:

Me? I want to Live Christ. But am I willing to sacrifice myself to do so? Lord, Help me and show me how.

St. Therese,
Pray that we and our children desire to humbly follow Christ, no matter what obstacles try to hold us back. 

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