Tuesday, April 23, 2013


Today I had the honor of sitting awhile to converse with a simple wise priest. I was having a struggle discerning something and sought his perspective. In our discussion he mentioned some helpful points I thought I would share with moms.

He said that the mother is the source of stability in the home. That this is the priority of our vocation and we are given this role by God. It is a gift and one that is very serious for family life. Motherhood is being downgraded and even nearly eliminated from the social vocabulary,  but it is a vocation that cannot be described in words because it holds a dimension that is beyond words.

I left that discussion with a clear focus on what I am all about. I am Mom. And my children rely on me to live that vocation for their sakes in the present and in their futures.

The priest also said one more point that I think we would all benefit from. He said this: when at Mass and listening to the homily, the words spoken are meant for you at this moment in your life particularly and specifically in living out your first vocation more fully. The homily message is not pointing to do this or that in the future. It is speaking to enlighten you in how to live your vocation today, right now in the present.

Too many voices, rather all the voices, in our society point moms away from surrendering their lives to the complete service of their families. I ask for your prayers and I will say a prayer for you that we each persevere in living our vocations as Mother and be the stability God intends us to be for our families.

Lastly, father said: Our Blessed Mother is the stability of the whole Church family. This is worthy of meditation.

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