Monday, April 8, 2013

Alleluia! Smile! (Reposted due to error on page)

Christians can never be sad, for they have met Christ, who gave his life for them."
-Benedict XVI 

Life. I have come to know from my depths that the life Christ gives us is a substance in itself that is not found nor created anywhere nor by anyone else in this world.
No. The Life Jesus gives is Real, is Substantial, is Full, is clearly not of ourself. He is the Gift and Source of Life for all who follow Him.
I thank God today for Christ's Passion and Death and  for His Resurrection. Because of this Free Gift to us all, He freed me from the agony of my earthly sufferings; 
and with hope I look forward to His Life freeing me for eternity from all sin and death.
May He give us each the Grace to Know Him, Live for and with Him, and never forget His kindness all our days so w may Serve Him in each other.
We are one Body in Christ!

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