Friday, March 29, 2013

The Go Between

"Lift high the cross!"

Lift high the Cross! I can almost hear my grandpa bellowing this hymn from when I was a child. Why lift it? Why does it matter? Oh, sisters it matters very much indeed! And we can get a better sense of this at Mass.

At the Mass Christ is offered to God the Father as a perpetual offering. It may seem to us that the priest is offering the Body and Blood of Christ to the people, but he is not. He is offering Him to God to atone for the sins of mankind. We are invited to participate in this one eternal sacrifice; to give ourselves and our lives and every suffering and every worry and our weaknesses and our hopes and joys and thanks......When the priest holds up Christ in the Holy Eucharist it is the moment in time and eternity when Christ was lifted up! The actual Gift is held up suspended between Heaven and Earth to be a perpetual gift to The Father for mankind. It is the Cross made manifest! It is the strength that keeps us from being overcome by evil....It is our promised triumph.  At Mass we are to follow the priest, who leads the offering to God the Father through Jesus Christ. By keeping our minds and eyes on the image of the crucified we enter more deeply in the sacrificial meaning and action of the Mass and be lead to full participation in the Mass.

"Behold the wood of the Cross" - "Come let us adore." 

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