Sunday, March 24, 2013

The Call of Motherhood Begins at the Fourth Station

Jesus meets His Mother

I have a son who is beginning to look at colleges and plans for after school. I am having a really hard time with not leading too much. Allowing Him to go his own way without much more of my guidance is very hard. I must be struggling with my own expectations as to what he could do with his life and with my fears of what the world may do to him. I think of things I should have done in h opes to Bette prepare him to live a life committed to God and not society. I get concerned over saying too much or not enough. Then my priest offered me some advice....pray and trust God. But prayer takes on a deeper dimension.

The other day while praying the Stations, I came to the fourth where Jesus meets His Mother.  It was the first time where I saw her possibly communicating a desire to go with Him, to suffer with Him. Before I saw only pain, but now it became a union of wills. It is only then we begin to see the remaining stations where others were compelled to journey with Christ. Simeon was forced, but tradition tells us his family ends up being converts to the faith; Veronica has the courage to wipe the sore face of Christ with her veil; the mother's weeping.... Under the first movement by the Blessed Mother joining her sufferings with her Son, others followed. We too must join and follow.

Giving up our hopes and expectations of our children is not easy. What we think we see in their being  is probably not what is true. Even as moms, we do not see their heart and soul. As part of being moms, is to let go and let their Creator take complete control! Oh, how hard this must have been for Mary! But she went to her Son in His Agony and did not leave Him, but instead gave her sufferings with and through Him. This is nothing short from what mothers must do.

As we approach the eighth station we see the mothers and children weeping. The Passion reading today at Mass included this verse. Christ tells them to pray for this generation and their children. Here we are invited into a mystery. An invitation to follow the example of the Blessed Mother in being intercessors for our children and the generation we live in... For what else is prayer but a laying down of oneself for the sake of another?!  Putting aside our comfort, our ideas, our passions, in order to live a life of virtue and mercy and sacrifice. This is the Cross of Motherhood and we must strive to live it well....our children and this generation need us.

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