Monday, March 25, 2013

Take cover!

Pray that more mothers gain back the instinct of motherhood.
Advice from a local priest.

I have a new steam cleaner that allows me to clean without much effort nor with chemicals. It is especially helpful to keep my microwave clean. I steam the inside and wipe it clean. Why do I say this today? Well, as I went to heat up a messy plate of food, out of laziness I was not going to cover it. I realized that my new clean microwave would get splattered, so I covered the plate to protect the cleanliness of the oven. Thanks to my mother-in-law, I have plenty of covers, (she notices I rarely have a clean microwave oven and saw I needed to be able to cover my food.) So, using one of her covers I now am eating my food with a clean microwave to boot!

Then it dawned on me, this is what moms are called to do day in and day out. Part of our vocation is to keep clean the clean, and clean the unclean. This includes keeping clean the innocent children from the messiness of the world. Not only do we give them to the tools to keep their bodies clean, but we need to cover them with the mantle of prayer and mercy. We need to teach them truth and God's laws to also give them the tools to choose cleanliness of soul as well. We cannot use the poison of the world to guide our children, no, we must use the coverage of the Church and Her Sacraments and prayer and the practice of virtue to do this. We need to keep out the evils of the world from our homes with the coverage of Faith!

A friend of mine years ago told me of a dream she had that I have never forgotten. If memory serves
me well, it went like this: she was in a storm traveling I think in the desert and the weather was getting fierce. She then saw the Blessed Mother who pulled open her mantle and invited her "little child" to come under for shelter. When she entered her mantle there were thousands of sheep under her mantle too! And the Blessed Mother said, " see my child, I protect all my sheep."

Seek shelter under the cover of Our Lady, and bring your little ones there too through prayer, 
teaching them the faith, and living the Sacraments of Christ's Church.

Eliminate the obstacles set by the world that wants to splatter her ways all over our families
With constant trust in God and a life of virtue!

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