Tuesday, March 26, 2013

Messages from far away

"Stay close to God
And Talk to Him
And He will provide"
Lucia DeMarco

I do not expect any of you to know this woman's name. But she is one of the many we do not see that are home bound and offers up all her sufferings and prayers to God all day long for many souls. She was an old neighbor of ours that my children and I had the honor of getting to know mostly by going to mass at the same parish. She is still living but suffers greatly from arthritis and other ailments that she sees no point in talking about...out of pure humility and a desire to talk of the finer things in life like how great God blesses us.

I had the gift of her phone call today, which she does on rare occasions. Usually to ask how the kids are and to thank me for a Christmas card and picture of the kids. This woman is doing the hard labor of love in her prayers and is a treasure to converse with. Also, she always offers a piece of motherly wisdom in the midst of our conversations. Today, I must pass her wisdom onto you all.

She says this: Money is not the first priority. I always tell my familia (she is Italian) to pray God just gives them the necessities and the means to be able to provide the necessity. Nothing more. Too many toady do not think that way and they are not happy. She then mentioned she likes the new Pope because he calls us to be poor. He remembers the poor. Our world and its economic problems are bad, we need to learn and live that money is not the most important thing. She declines allowing her family to hook up cable TV in her home because she says the money would be better to give to the poor or to her family to put food on the table. She than said the above quote which is best to repeat again and to share tonight in our families:

Stay close to God and talk to Him
And He will provide.

We all need to re-prioritize! Beginning with our families and ourselves. God help us! Mercy!

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