Sunday, March 3, 2013

Lay it down without a frown!

"Today is holy to The Lord your God. Do not be sad and do not weep;
For today is holy to our Lord.
Do not be saddened this day, 
for rejoicing in The Lord must be your strength!
See Nehemiah 8:9, 10

God is so wonderfully wise. He knows our needs before we are aware of them, or ever aware of them. His wisdom is beyond our comprehension, but he allows us to glimpse tiny pieces of his perfectly ordered ways in order to foster in us the gift of praise. Start by praising him especially in your difficulties, for he brings good out of every situation if we give it to him and trust. We can either carry our difficulties on our own, or give them to Christ on the Cross who has transformed suffering into a gift of salvation. I praise God for this wonderful truth for I am crushed if I carry my burdens alone. His wisdom of the necessity we each have in needing to have our sufferings and sins transformed is beyond any human explanation. So we must give it all to him and trust...

No matter your difficulties this day, instead of complaining, force a smile and tell God the list of things you are thankful for, be it ever so small.  Take it frequently to the Holy Mass and lay it on the altar of eternity where it becomes one with Christ's offering to the Father. Trust and keep a thankful heart.

Rejoice in The Lord! 
For He gave us His Son to transform us!

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CatholicMom said...

Thank you for this encouraging word today!