Wednesday, February 27, 2013

Where did you meet your best friend?

"It is true. God is real!"
How do I know that? 
"Because I met him on the way of the cross."

I read recently that a friend is made when you realize they have suffered the same as you. A perminent connection is created and immediate empathy, forgiveness, and love is found. I have one earthly friend that fits this description perfectly. But I also have Christ whom I met in the darkest days of my life. I fell deeply in love with Him when I was given the grace to realize the anguish he suffered in order to save me from my trials. His life became personal, but I could never have seen it unless I too shared in suffering. Unless I grit my teeth and gave my suffering to him willingly.

We naturally shy away from pain and sorrow and suffering, and that will not change, but what can change is the way we suffer. Avoiding it or trying to run away from the pain is like trying to do it all by yourself. But reaching out and doing all we can, humanly speaking, while giving it all to Christ, we suffer with the promise of hope and healing. How can I say that? Because we find a friend in Christ when we realize his depth of suffering for love of us; consequently, He finds a friend in us when we unite our sufferings with His. When united in suffering, our weaknesses becomes strength, our fear turns away for love to enter, our pain takes on a much more clearer meaning. Nothing from in our person accomplishes this, but from the Person of Christ in us and  us in Him.....if we allow Him.  

How do I know? So you may know.  There is no other means in this world that proves that God is not far off on a lofty cloud, but right here in our every moment, than when we give Him our sufferings in union with His own.  He is real, he is alive, he is Peace. And these cannot be generated by breathing slow or stretching frequently...although these help us very much...but true peace is given by, in, and with Christ Himself.

May you all already know this peace, if not may you receive this peace in knowing Jesus is your best of friend by realizing He knows exactly how you have suffered.

God love ya!

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