Saturday, February 2, 2013


St. Teresa of Avila tells us to strive to union with God by not trying to. What!? I happen to agree 100%. What does she mean? I am venturing to try to put it in words to ease those who try very hard to get closer to God and find themselves frustrated. I know because I am one of them. Then God taught me a lesson the hard way...

First, know this: God wants to be close to you too. He wants you to know His love and His closeness, so we do not have to force him, so to speak, by our efforts. Rather the efforts we make should be to strive to simply "be" with Him every day by being with him in all our moments of the day. How? Jesus tells us already, whoever loves the Father follows His Commandments. We need to make efforts to change our lives by living well. The Sacraments give us the grace to do so and prayer gives us the clarity of mind and heart to do so. That is it. If we are seeking a certain gift or asking for a certain virtue, we begin to make that a god in itself. Really our focus should be God himself, not His gifts. just to be with God in prayer and in our daily duty is the secret to holiness. This is nothing new and nothing from my is taught and modeled by Christ! It is witnessed by the great Saints and written by the Doctors of the Church. And the Blessed Mother told us it at Fatima.

Now, I guess this is not a total lack of doing "nothing" to grow closer to God, but it is clarifying that grace and virtue are given as we live the call to holiness..."doing the little things with great love." As St. Therese would say. It is not gained by a checklist of steps. It is one moment at a time...toward God. Remember: It is in the present moment that we enter eternity!

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