Saturday, February 16, 2013

Lets dig in the dirt!

The sunshine today makes me look forward to spring and attempting once again to grow some veggies and flowers. Something I always want to do, but not the best at, is raising a fruitful garden. But again and again, I try. I desire garden veggies, but do not have all the tools to make it a complete success. Striving for holiness is sort of like that. We desire and persist, but we need God's help. "Remember God helps us to overcome, " said my priest. So lets continue to encrouage each other to always look to God to help us each to dig in the earth and our attempts at digging in our souls in the attempt of bringing forth a harvest.

With that in mind, I leave you with this quote:

"To be a saint does not mean that one has no faults, 
but that those faults be free 
from malice and be not cherished or fostered.
Sanctity grows in soil that is loosened by uprooting faults."

By Father Joseph Schryvers, C.Ss.R.

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