Saturday, February 9, 2013

"Grossly abnormal." There, it was said.

"One of the greatest necessities in America is to discover creative solitude."
Carl Sandburg

At Mass today the priest gave a homily that my soul seemed to be waiting to hear someone else put into words. After Mass I asked this very holy, gracious dear priest if I may have a copy of his homily to share with friends. "Suurrre." He kiddingly said to me. He took out a little paper with a few quotes on it and gave it to me. I asked where his words were and he told me I had to remember them myself. He wanted me to ponder his words and take what I needed...which I knew needed to be shared with you all.

He quoted a  Dr. W. R. Luxton, who wrote, "I cannot overstate the importance of the habit of quiet meditation for health of body, mind, and spirit. Modern man's life is grossly abnormal...We have neither time nor opportunity for quiet...We need to explore our we sit quietly and unhurried in his presence."

God has proven this need for quiet meditation in very profounds ways in my life. And I point all the healing and removal of profound fear in my life to the silent surrendering before Jesus in the Blessed Sacrament. In that I was healed in mind, body and spirit. For over night 6 years ago I went from active mom to an afraid, ill, and incable person whom I knew not. In those dark years God introduced me to myself, but only because he was my only peace. He is the only peace for us ALL. And if we do not give ourselves to silence with him, we will never know what it means to truly know ourselves and be at peace. It is actually normal to abandon ourselves to God, for he is the Almighty and is Love itself. Tell yourself this and believe....and sit with your Creator. Listen. He loves you.


Anonymous said...

I was a "normal" mom/person until last October. I was seeking "truth" in the wrong things, forgot all about seeking the Lord and found myself in a living hell! Anxiety attacks, profound fear and a feeling of evil around. Omgosh! He has been so good to slowly show me where I went wrong and where I need to be.
I never understood psych/emotional problems until now. What empathy I have now!
It's a very scary place to be and extremely difficult to function.
Thank God for confession and prayer and EWTN on iheartradio!!
I'm still not 100% but do not EVER want to go back to that place!!

Susan said...

Dear Anonymous;
My heart reaches to you and my prayers. Yes, living in fear is a living hell. I was stuck in that hell for three years. But God gave me one gift, the desire for Him. I yearned to be with Him and He became my only peace. Why did He do this? I think so I can tell you today, that God is real and He is with you in every moment. Grab hold of the Blesed Mother's hand by praying the Rosary. And do acts of love. See, the opposite of fear is love. The way we battle fear is to make the little things we do today into many acts of love. And also, sit in front of the blessed Scrament just allowing Jesus to touch you. Aim to empty your mind and just think of His qualities. Do not worry if that does not come all at once, rather know that God is at work and He will guide you more and more if you turn to him.
Also, we cannot ignore the fact that anxiety does have physical causes too. It is not all spiritual. And it should be treated as such as well. Find a good therapist if you do not have good coping skills. I had none! So I had to relearn and practice them until they became habit...but also I needed to learn that I was okay and not alone...I had God of course, but on the human level I was only one of many others that suffer these things and...I could conquer it, with help, with confidence, with faith...following God's lead. Others did, so could I, and you.
May He wrap His arms around you and may you know in a way you have never imagined just how he dwells in you, even at this moment!
God love Ya! Keep up your good work!