Saturday, January 26, 2013

Thank you, Lois and Eunice.

Sincere: honest, pure, genuine, true

Faith: complete trust and loyalty to God

Dear Grandmothers and Mothers;
St. Paul's letter to Timothy (2Tim 1:1-8) shows the great gift you have been given in passing on the faith to your children and grandchildren. St. Paul wrote encouraging Timothy, " I recall your sincere faith that first lived in your grandmother Lois and in your mother Eunice and that I am confident lives in your also." At first glance this verse does not seem like much. But it speaks volumes.

First, we know that these women had "sincere faith." They had no doubts. Second, they were essential in passing on the Gospel by their role as grandmother and mother. Third, they were instruments of grace in raising a Priest and Bishop. Whose faith and work influenced the Church.

We cannot take our role as grandmothers and mothers lightly. Whether or not we live our faith sincerely does have a huge impact on our children and the lives they lead when they are adults. We raise  God's children. We have the powerful role of raising priests, bishops, religious, and holy men and women. Our prayer lives matter vey much. Our devotion to the vocation of motherhood matters immensely. At the Eighth Station Jesus redirected the mothers to focus their attention on praying for  "yourselves and your children..." This encompasses many points, but the main one is to pray. Prayer is the school of faith. It is where God forms us and reaches those we give to Him. As mothers, Lois and Eunice certainly would have prayed often and regularly. They model for us to commit to doing the same.

So today I thank God for two mothers whose names were mentioned by the Holy Spirit in Scripture...Lois and Eunice. Thank you Lord for giving them the gift of a "sincere faith" which they passed on to Timothy and to the whole Church! Grant us Lord the same sincere faith so we too can spread the faith to our children. Amen.

A Mom

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