Monday, January 28, 2013

Lift me up.

When a mother bears a baby, the first place of comfort the child experiences is its mothers arms. These arms that we have been given to hold infants, hug sad little ones, make meals with, and serve our families and neighbors are not mere appendages. Rather they are the physical sign of an even greater interior reality. The soul of the woman is made to embrace and bear burden and offer up gifts.

 I picture the mother with a child in her arms as a model for us in how to pray. First we accept life, then we take it in our arms and offer it to God. Sheltering, yearning for its welfare, and entrusting it to our common Father. So next time you go to pray, use your mothering arms to fill up with all those people who have entered your life, love them, and give them tenderly to God. We are not just mothers to our biological children, we are mothers of all souls. Our spiritual nature calls for us to live as such.

God bless you all...and those you raise up to God daily.

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