Friday, January 18, 2013

Let God

The other day I made a Shoe-fly Pie. It was a I liquid bottom, so while it cooked it ran over on the pan I placed under the rack. I let the burnt molasses on the pan soak for, well, three days! I did not want to face cleaning it. One day I did try to scrape it off, but to no success. So I soaked it again.
This morning I am trying to catch up on missed work, so I decided to tackle these burnt stains. It took  
an abrasive, and more scraping, and even then the stain left a dark ring in the areas. All the while I found myself using a prayer technique a dear friend taught me recently. "Lord, I know my sins take some abrasives to bring them to my conscience, and tough scraping to remove the caked-on build-up I have allowed to sit and ignore. But make me clean, and thank you for the abrasive corrections that you send with all love and mercy, for how else will I be prepared to love you completely for eternity?"  But as I came to the fact that these last stains will not come off, I said, "these you will remove." And it was reintroduced to me that without Christ's saving passion, no healing would come from our falls. And that we cannot heal and be made "squeaky" clean without him, no matter how hard we try.  But this is good news, because he multiplies our efforts and uses them to not only humble us, forgive us, strengthen us, lift us, and mend us, but also to bring to perfection in Him forever.

So, the lesson here is let God work. We can try to make virtue happen and make every effort to do right, but our efforts only go so far. And even our efforts depend on grace! Yes, we must work, but we also must Let Him Work. It is most humbling knowing we have done our best,  but it falls short and He is the one who wants to fit the pieces together..he just wants us to cooperate, not lead. To say with Mary, Thy Will Be Done, and I this faulty vessel. With God all things are possible!

God bless you all. You are "greatly loved!"

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