Friday, January 25, 2013

Knock, knock. Who's there?!

It was last night that a friend called when my mind was into business work. God's grace invited me to be polite and accept. This is never easy, but it was proof that gifts come in surprising interruptions from God. This friend offered to me light, holy conversation that encouraged me more than she realizes. Her growth in prayer and faith has been inspiring. I thank God for her and the kind words she gave me when I did not think I needed it. I say a big thanks to her for innocently breaking into my evening with such humble gifts. May God continue to give her grace.

For us all, however, I offer for us to think of all the times we have been focused on our plans and not taken a moment to submit to another's invitation to converse. I have often done this; most frequently with my children, but many times in conversation with adults by interrupting. The interruptions and unwillingness to give over control to another's requests for our time is a form of pride. We all have it. God wants to cleanse us all from it, too.

In today's Gospel, Paul''s life was interrupted in a great way by Jesus Himself. "Saul, Saul, why are you persecuting me?" The interruption we get may not be a blinding Light, but it may be a silent whisper or a little hand pulling the skirt, or an evening phone call; Or even the poor woman walking in the bad weather. God invites us constantly to enter His Way by submitting ours to the moments brought on by another's activity breaking into our lives. He is saying, "listen, I am near and I love you. I am present in these people and call you to focus your life on Me. Come, listen, enter into my rest."

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