Wednesday, January 23, 2013

"Heart on the Cross"

"Sell all that you have and give it to the poor, then come follow me"

Christ said these words to the man who asked what he needed to do to inherit eternal life. In my married state I wondered what more Christ means by this. I mean I cannot very well sell all our stuff! Although on cleaning day, it would be nice to have less to clean...anyway...

Lately I have been given a chance to go deep into myself and feel suffering that invites me to want to behave better. Recognizing our faults is painful, for sure, but it leads to good if we seek God in it and his healing. In these pains of contrition and awareness of our imperfection it is easy to feel downhearted, for who can ever change that or this flaw?! But in this agony, so to speak, we must run to Christ for forgiveness, for healing, and also to put it on the Cross. St. Jose Escriva says in his Stations of the Cross meditations that when we feel weakened and running out of strength to say, "Heart on the Cross! Heart on the Cross!"

Scripture says that all we own are our sins. So lets apply these words of St. Jose with the words of Christ to the man who desired eternal life: in the depths of suffering whether from sin or from another source, do not loose courage and stop running the race. Rather claim the pending triumph and say "Heart on the Cross!" Then give all you have, your sins, your enemies, your suffering...and nail it to the Cross with Christ....Sell all you have and give it up for the poor. Make your sufferings Redemptive with the Triumph of the Cross. If we do not give our sufferings to Christ on the Cross, we hang onto them and we are not equipped to bring good from them on our own. We need Him! We must give all to Him if we want to be healed and if we want souls to be healed. If we want to gain eternal life.

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