Monday, December 3, 2012

You are worth it

We get so busy. I wish we did not.  I actually think we are much more busy in our minds than physically. Too much thinking drags us down more than the list of to-dos each day. A mind free of concern is a gift indeed. But what eats up your mind-time?

It is amazing what we say to ourselves. If you are negative to yourself much of the time, you will feel that way, believe that way, and it will influence your decisions and especially your prayer.  I know this all too well in my life.

I suffered greatly for a very long time from thinking negatively too much. But I started to do two things.  First, I tried hard to think of God instead. Whenever negative thoughts came into mind, I would hum a Church tune that made me think of Our Lord in the Eucharist.The second thing I did was I forced myself to smile. Yup. I would sit there and feel awfully odd and just smile. I did it for Advent one year and I was surprised how quickly my attitude changed. Do not think just these two things made me well, I had medical and emotional things to deal with and get help for. But it helped me get my mind on what was most important so those other needs were more helpful to me. But smiles are healing, too. First they fill the bodies, then our minds, and then with God, our souls. 

So, if you haven't already, start thinking of God instead of whatever you think normally of that drags you down. You will begin to see, and believe it too...that the great fact is He is with you! No matter what you are thinking, what you have done, He is with you.

Oh, you think you are not worth Him? Yeh, me neither! But that is why we each need Him! Believe this fact: there is a beauty in you that God is totally in love with. If you tell yourself you are not worthy of God, you are actually keeping yourself from experiencing the love you're actually desiring deep down. The kind only God can give. Negative talk to yourself and thinking you have to be perfect in order to "Be with God" is the devil's lie. Do not believe it! Think of God instead.

No matter who we are, we are all in need of God. He loves us each and seeks us each and wants to give countless blessings to each of us....but we must seek him, imperfect as we are. So, let yourself be loved by the King of Love!!!  Remind yourself of the truth that He is with you always! And SMILE!

God bless you and continue your life's work of seeking God!! You will be blessed! 

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