Wednesday, December 5, 2012

Tight Lip?

No matter how good food is, if poison is mixed with it, it may cause the death of him who eats it. So it is with conversation. A single bad word, an evil action, an unbecoming joke, is often enough to harm one or more young listeners, and may later cause them to lose God's grace.

– St. John Bosco

  I once read a little about St. Faustina in her Diary. It is a wonderful book. But I remember especially her awareness of the evil that comes from the mouth. She practiced great silence and self control of her words. I believe she looked at the mouth as the source of most sin. So how are we with our mouths?

I know I fall daily in this. I seem to be a sort of glutton for conversation. Go figure, for those who know me. I get so passionate, over zealous you can say. But as I learned the other night, when we are struggling with a Capital Sin, we must practice the opposite virtue. Moderation and self-control are the opposite virtues of gluttony. So in relating this to talk we can start by avoiding cussing, listening to bad talk, and ill favored jokes. 

How? Remember to bring what you have done or said to confession. Even if it was little in your eyes, go anyway. You will feel better and you will gain grace to fight it next time. Next, turn off the TV. If there is anything we do not need it is TV. It is constant conversation, so it does not model silence or self restraint, and the conversations had are shallow, to be kind. Next, fill your ears and thoughts with what is good. Beautiful music, lovely stories, information about Saints and the truths of faith go a long way in filling our thoughts with what is good and just. Another thing we can do, is keep busy with good activity. Do not become idle. The opposite of Sloth is diligence. That is holy work, including daily duty.

These are just a few that come to mind. But the main training for the tongue, is what St. Faustine did...prayer and practiced silence. That is a common theme on this blog: pray and get daily silence. I think God trains our hearts and minds in silence. It is a hidden treasure our generation needs desperately.

Keep up the good work of raising you kids in the faith!

God love ya!

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