Sunday, December 23, 2012

That they be one.

That they may be one.

All of us ladies, I think, enjoy the movies that have the fairy tale dancing. The union of the dancers triggers in us the desire for a union that is One. To dance and move in sync with the man we love makes the younger side of us go silly. Of course we know this is fantasy. No one can dance like that without practice. And no one knows each other so well that quick. It takes time and effort, and prayer. 
 We may not be able to do perfect unplanned twists and turns, dips and catches; but a greater union or oneness is possible.

The other night I opened to a very simple prayer book. It is called Prayers of Hope Words of Courage by Cardinal Francis Xavier Nguyen Van Thuan. He was "imprisoned in Vietnam for thirteen
years. He continued to proclaim the gospel" to his people. This prayer is one of the notes to his people that he would sneak out of his imprisonment on little slips of paper. His life is amazing. He died in 2002.
Read this prayer slowly and consider how you can contribute in your marriage and family to encourage Christ's prayer for Oneness to be a reality.

That we may be one 
Everyone has his or her own personality and this can make it to very difficult to live together. But difficult does not mean "impossible,"  otherwise Jesus would never have prayed:  "That they all may be one!"
What is essential is to have confidence in you, Lord,
And to put myself to work,
Hand in hand with others to express friendship,
Shoulder to shoulder to bear the same burden,
Moving forward in step,
United in a mutual encounter.
In face of difficulties I will not break,
I will imitate the rushes and reeds,
Each one leaning toward the other.
Heart to heart-- united in love,
Mind to mind-- united in intelligence
So as to be able to reflect together 
And find the truth.
On this path, we will reach communion.
The Lord will welcome and share a meal with us.
Not only did he pray for us:
"Father, I pray that they may be one,"
But he also asked the highest degree of. Union
For us-- and I ask for it with you, Lord:
"As you, Father are in me, and I in you."

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