Saturday, December 29, 2012

Grace is falling!

A man where we use to live had a very strong devotion to the Sacred and Immaculate Hearts. His first Friday devotion and his first Saturday devotion persevered until his death. The priest brought him Holy Communion on a First Friday; that night the man died. The next day being First Saturday, we trusted in Our Lady's promises that he was brought to Heaven that day because a layer of snow covered the ground. I was told by a friend that it meant that Our Lady had visited that morning.

Why tell this story? Well, it is this story that somehow added to my imagination that snow is a sign of Grace. Pope John Paul II said that rain is God's love falling to earth. Well, snow is God's grace falling. Just look how it falls lightly, how it reflects light, how it tickles, how pure it is, how it is given abundantly! "Ice and snow praise The Lord!"

I leave you with this thought: the other day when our first storm was starting. I was going out our back door at night to let our dog out, and noticed right in front of my eyes an inch of snowflakes clinging to the end of a cobweb! It was too cool! But it teaches us today that just like how God showers us with grace and waits for us to indulge in, so too does He hold specific graces out to each of us which are unique for the good of our souls and the souls around us. It is only up to each of us to live rightly so as to receive those graces and allow them to fill our souls with Light.

May God shower grace on you forever and ever!

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ClassicBecky said...

This piece is like a little poem, Susan, just lovely.