Saturday, December 15, 2012

First things first

Take to heart these words:

All plans and duties and activities you have before you today, none of them are as important as finding time for silent prayer. And when your immediate duties to family care demand your days full attention do not fret. God is with you. Seek then silence on those days in His service and trust it is all for good. But if you desire quiet time for prayer daily, seek it- God will help open the opportunities for you to find time. For see, it is actually God inspiring you to want that time, because He wants that time with you and has planted that desire in you.

As women we are "doers," but we often DO more than necessary. And I have learned and have dealt with it myself that many of us at one point or another feel guilty for taking time to sit or kneel and pray. We "feel" we should be doing something "better." This is a trick of the devil. Do not believe it. Rather remind yourself that God desires you and setting time for prayer is how you answer His invitation to go to Him.

Run to the One who knows you best!

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