Wednesday, December 26, 2012

Cave women.

"Only God can turn a mess into a message."

The morning after Christmas brings somewhat of a messy house. Toys, books, dishes, food seems to be piled...even if in small piles, in the areas of the house. But in the midst of this mess, there is the one truth...God is with us! We can find him in our midst. If we only listen to the angels and hasten to the Gift that kept the cave warm and bright. The cave of Bethlehem was cold and held the odor of animals. But the Holy family prepared it to be the best they could offer the Christ child. And in its center was their Treasure. If we too focus on the Treasure with each moment in our messy Caves, work will get done with a smile and the sheep will follow us to gaze on the face of Christ.

May Mary be our guide to Christ in the midst of our house chores!

God bless you and yours!

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ClassicBecky said...

Your Christmas sounds as if it was wonderful, Susan. There is nothing better than a mess, with family having fun and being together. To me, a happy, messy house is a symbol of Christ's love surrounding us. After all, life is a mess, isn't it? Thanks be to God for His protective love. Merry Christmas!