Monday, November 12, 2012

"Where are You?"

I do not know about you, but when boys entered the picture in my life things began to get really confusing! One such night was when I was coming home from a boyfriends house, I was in great distress. I do not remember the issue, but it was serious to me then. I was a Lutheran then and I wanted answers from God. We never learned to make visits to church to pray to God, but I thought I would try. I was near home and was not running late, so I decided to drive to my church and find God. I think you can say I was ambitious? I knew it would be locked, but I thought I would try the door anyway and hope that someone forgot to lock it. For wasn't God in there? Anyway, the door was locked. Saddened, I decided to park in the parking lot and pray there. So there I secretly sat in my grey Chevette gazing over the front dash at the starlit sky. My whole being asked, "Where are You!?"  After sitting a little while, I felt relief from my confusion and returned home, but the question lingered, unbeknownst to me, in God's heart. 

I only recalled that night in my recent adult years when I realized that God has been answering that question for me throughout my life. He heard my prayer then and hears my prayers now. His heart is open to us wherever we are at in life.  So I say to you, never doubt that God hears your prayers. He hears every prayer and He answers every one of them in His way, and in His own time, for our greater good. I only ask that you pray more and more from the heart with your whole being. Sit and BE with Him. Seek Him. 

It will be another blog to talk more about where He is, but in the meantime, do not pass a Catholic Church without acknowledging His Presence within. A dear friend of mine, makes the sign of the cross upon passing by. Also, try planning your day's errands by including a visit to Him in the Blessed Sacrament first. Maybe you will spend less money that day while shopping?! Either way, you will leave more at peace.

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Smyaya YM said...

A good reminder indeed to stop into church and pray!