Saturday, November 10, 2012

The Eighth Station

The idea for this blog had been brewing for years after a dear friend suggested it to me. But who would want to read what I have to say? No one for sure, but the notion has not left my mind.  

Yesterday while praying the Stations of the Cross at our local Church, I glanced toward the VIII Station, the name took on greater meaning for our times. Taking a look back, earlier this week our country elected its next president.  Almost half of our country's population was greatly grieved over the outcome. It is clearly a sign that great trials are upon us. What they are does not matter, but in the midst of the events of this week, visiting the VIII Station spoke loud and clear. For in a moment's meditation Christ laden with the Cross took a moment, it seemed to me, to give again a mission to women: 'do not focus on the sufferings of the age, rather turn to God in prayer and serve your families to transform this generation. Do not be overcome with doubt and grief, for in Me all will be well.' 

That is the Mission of this blog, to encourage you at all times, but especially in this increasingly difficult time, to get closer to God and lead your families ever closer to Him as well. Trust in God. He is with us.

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