Wednesday, November 21, 2012

"Shh....He stirs" part one

"Silence, all mankind, in the presence of the Lord! For he stirs forth from his holy dwelling."
Zechariah 2:17

Now reread the above verse. This time say it with a confident, force. I picture the hand firmly raised high and with the palm aimed to the people as a sign to stop and be still. 

This verse is the last verse in November 21st's  Old Testament reading. Zechariah, the prophet,  is telling Jerusalem to "Sing and rejoice!" because the Lord has said he is coming to dwell among you. Remember, when we read Sacred Scripture God's Word is deeper then the ink on the page. Scripture has a timeless and a multidimensional character that no human word can mimic. The Word is truly living for all ages and all people. Therefore this verse pertains to the people Zechariah spoke to, and to the time of Christ, and to the early Christians, and to the people of today. But it also speaks on the personal level, it speaks right to the individual soul.

To your soul it says, "Silence, dearest soul, in the presence of the Lord! For He stirs forth from His holy dwelling which is deep within you." 

The Lord is not way up in the sky, or far away. Not even in the worst of your days is he distant. Rather, He dwells right with you. He is with you in all your daily duty, and all your ins and outs. He announces that he is stirring and wishes you to be silent and still, to watch and wait for His movement within you. Therefore, make every effort to set specific prayer time with a period of silence to give your attention to Him alone. Start daily with five minutes of silence thinking only of His qualities and let him lengthen the time as he sees fit. This message is especially essential as we approach the holidays. There is no greater holiday than one that has been prepared WITH God. No greater day than one spent first with Him.

I offer these additional suggestions, in order of importance:
God is God and you are not
"Be still" and "let go" God loves you much, and waits for you to visit daily
Christ is available at Mass daily, come 
Go to confession at least monthly

Family First before Others, Always
Serve them with mercy and do daily duty well
All with love of God, for duty is a gift in disguise
Daily duty is our way to holiness and a tool needed for clarity of mind and growth in prayer

You need to care for yourself
This is how we learn how to love others as we love ourselves

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