Wednesday, November 21, 2012

"Shh...He stirs" part 2

"Silence, all mankind, in the presence of the Lord! For he stirs forth from his holy dwelling."
Zechariah 2:17

We continue this two part series on this very busy Thanksgiving day. The family and food abound and our feet will be tired by noon, but we press on. Martha from the scriptures is surely active in each of us. But still on these hectic days of service, God still calls our attention to the verse above. We are invited  to make time to "sit at His feet and listen to Him" with Martha's sister, Mary. You say, it isn't possible! "Nothing is impossible with God." Just ask Him to let you know the right time, and then follow Him into a quiet spot. God is the God of all time, he knows what works into our schedule better than we do!
American Catholic Women are addicted to doing too much. We do not need to be in everything in order to be a good mom. To be good moms we must first slow down and seek God's presence. If we do not, not only will we suffer with anxiety on every level, but our children will not learn how to relax and find God either. It is essential that we be "silent". 
Here are some practical hints that may assist in cutting back on unnecessary activity:

God is God and you are not
 A mother's prayer for her children, the Church and the world is irreplaceable
cut out TV=additional time=prayer opportunities

Family First before Others, Always
Ever ask what can I do for God? Well, remember the first ones to serve are under your roof.
Eliminate all the needless running around, and you and your family will find peace
Don't volunteer for something if you are doing it because your feel guilty. 
It takes knowledge of self and personal abilities to say NO 

You need to care for yourself
Give your mind and body what it needs, nothing more, nothing less
If we expect too much from ourselves, we will expect too much from others
If we know we have limits, we will respect the limits of others 

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