Monday, November 12, 2012

It is a "do" thing.

Last week, a kind neighbor shared her distress over the past election. The question raised is why if so many people prayed very hard for things to go differently, why the result? Before I go further, remember that nothing happens if it is not for our own good and for the good of others. The book of Hebrews, I think chapter 12 or 13, explains the need for those God loves to be chastened and how it is good (even though it does not feel good at all!) 

One answer to my neighbors question came the other evening while I watched a documentary on Joan of Arc. It was good. But one line in it answered my neighbor's question. Here was the situation: Joan was poised praying and in answer to why such awful plight of the French in the hands of the English she said in a nut shell that 'God wants to be France's Savior.'  He wants to be our Savior! Not one president. He wants us to trust Him, and Him alone!
But in order for this to become real, we must react. How you may ask? By living a life of determined acts of virtue and prayer no matter the type of day you are having. Jesus and Mary are our models for this.

However, if in suffering we turn away from God, we will become more lost. But if we turn to Him in the midst of suffering, we may not have immediate answers, but we are exercising faith. God sees that and promises to grant blessings to those who trust in Him. Despairing of God's love is a dark place to be; but it is place we must not allow ourselves to travel to. It is dark and cold and lonely, but if by chance you find yourself steeped in doubt, count yourself blessed! Blessed!? Yup, for you are being invited to grow in faith and love. The one thing you must do is humble yourself and get on your knees and pray like never before. Tell God your sorrows and beg Him with Mary's help for an increase of faith. Then react. Rise and go about living faith as if you had access to all the faith possible, because you do.  God gives us grace sufficient for every good action we choose to do. It is not a "feel" thing, it is a "do" thing.  When enough of us "Do" acts of faith (this includes much silent time at prayer), God will bless us.

I know we do not have to look far in each of our lives to see some level of suffering. Practice acts of trust in God in those situations by abandoning yourself to God's permitting will. Remind yourself you do not need to know all the answers. I have had in-depth experiences in this matter and I assure you in whatever suffering you are enduring, when you seek God routinely in the midst of it, He will comfort you and heal you according to what is good and necessary. So too with our country. If we turn as individuals and communities to God, He will bless us. If we do not? I do not know that answer, but I do know that if I allowed myself to succumb to the heavy burdens I lived under, I would not be able to even write this blog today. We can never give up hope, we cannot despair. We must trust because God is real, God is love, God is our King.

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