Sunday, November 18, 2012

Do we rely on our own strength?

Humility is the safeguard of chastity. In the matter of purity, 
there is no greater danger than not fearing danger. 
When a person puts himself in an occasion of sin, 
saying, "I shall not fall," it is almost an infallible sign that he will fall, 
and with great injury to his soul. 
We must specifically and regularly pray for God's assistance 
and not rely on our own strength.
– St. Phillip Neri
I want to thank those moms who persist in encouraging chastity education in your homes and communities. But let us not forget what St. Phillip Neri refers above speaks to us as well. In order to pass on purity to our children and model it for other women, we MUST first practice it ourselves.  Have I contributed to impure jokes? Have I entertained images, TV, magazines, thoughts? How do I dress? Do I take care to dress modestly, not drawing the wrong attention? Do I communicate modesty to my children?
In our American culture we have been desensitized to unchaste fashions. I encourage all of us to look again at our wardrobes and ask ourselves what is cut too low, what is too tight, what may entice other men other than my husband. 
I read recently a quote from a teen boy speaking to teen girls. He told them that the way they dress will attack that type of guy. I have told my kids that sadly we are walking ads. What we wear, what we say, where we go all sends messages to those who see us. 
Just something to think about and adjust where needed. 
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Smyaya YM said...

There are so many edifying St. Philip Neri quotes and stories! Thanks for bringing this great saint to the attention of modern readers!

CatholicMom said...

Hi Susan, I am enjoying your blog. Thank you for writing about modesty. (Not many people do these days.) It is a very underappreciated quality.

Susan said...

Thank you. And thank God for you wanting to live it. I started to aim to watch very closely what I wear in public when I realized how much women can influence a man to think wrongly. I just wish more women realized that feeling sexy is not the same as beauty. Sexy and beauty are two entirely different characteristics...and they provoke two entirely different thoughts in the woman, and in those who see her. It is good for more women to dress carefully..they do not realize how much more respect they get from strangers until they do.
God bless you!